Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Proposed Queries

Proposed Query #1 How do we prepare our hearts and minds for online interaction among Friends and non-Friends?

Friday, April 14, 2006

Towards an On Line Bloggers Faith and Practice.

Recent events convince me that the internet Quaker blogging comunity exists as a community in need of common order. I propose we do as Quakers have always done, and begin a worshipful on line meeting towards unity. I will post a Blog, to which anyone might post, but to take part in the final minute and advice, one needs to be a member of a Friend's Meeting.

My part in this is hardly even recording clerk, I just make offer the space for us to meet. I am not sure of how the form will evolve, other than we should seek to replicate the process of coming to unity in a meeting for worship with a concern for business, on line. As we begin to reach unity on an advice, I will move it from the comments to the post, and we will try a minute.

Any one wish to take part?

Proposed Methods of worship with a concern for on-line business

Proposal #1 A Friend proposes that:

Friends who wish to involve themselves in this process either as contributors or as eventual end-users of the document could make a public declaration on their own blogs that we will be faithful to the Books of Discipline from the meeting(s) to which we are members and/or affiliate ourselves and that as way opens we will encourage our respective Yearly Meetings to include statements on right use of internet resources.

In the introduction to a member's blog, something close to this, as one is led may read:
Statement of Faithfulness.
As a member of the Quaker Bloggers Ad Hoc Committee I affirm that I will be faithful to the Book of Discipline of my Meeting _______ Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.

Proposed Advices: